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Chessed: This is student run group

Discover the heart of service at Sha'arei Bina, where students find purpose in making a difference. Through a range of meaningful opportunities, we empower our students to engage in acts of Chessed that touch lives and uplift spirits.

From lending a hand to families in our neighborhood to sorting clothing at the Closet, packaging food for Tomchei Shabbos, running a homework club for Chai Lifeline patients and their siblings, to stocking shelves at the local Kosher Food Bank, our students embrace the ethos of service with open hearts and willing hands.


At the core of our Chessed initiatives is the theme 'Kol Asher B’Kochacha Aseh' – Just Do It! With this motto guiding their actions, our students learn that every small act of kindness has the power to create meaningful change in the world around them.


Through these experiences, they not only develop empathy and compassion but also cultivate a sense of responsibility towards their community and beyond. It's a journey of growth, both individually and collectively, as our students discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from selflessly giving of themselves.


Join us in spreading kindness and making a difference at Sha'arei Bina, where every act of Chessed shines a light of hope in the lives of others.