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Welcome to Sha'arei Bina Torah Academy for Girls! Established in 2004 as a boutique all-girls school in the vibrant Miami Beach community, our academy was founded under the visionary leadership of Rabbi Elchonon Abramchik. Over the years, Rabbi Abramchik's dedication and leadership propelled the school's growth, leading to our relocation to North Miami Beach.


In 2017, we embarked on an exciting new chapter as we acquired our current campus in the heart of Hollywood, Florida with Dr. Rochelle Brand as Head of School. This strategic move marked a significant milestone in our journey, providing our students with a modern and inspiring learning environment. At Sha'arei Bina Torah Academy for Girls, we are committed to nurturing academic excellence, personal growth, and a strong sense of community among our students.


Join us as we continue to build upon our legacy of educational excellence and empower the next generation of young women leaders.