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Step into the spotlight with Sha'arei Bina's annual production, a dazzling showcase of talent and creativity that shines brightly on our stage each year. Proudly student-led, our production embodies the passion and dedication of our talented students, who take on every aspect of the show with enthusiasm and flair.


From captivating acting performances to mesmerizing singing and dancing routines, our students are the stars of the show, captivating audiences with their talent and charisma. But their involvement goes beyond the spotlight; they also take charge of every behind-the-scenes detail, from designing the playbill to creating breathtaking scenery and running the show backstage with precision and professionalism.


At Sha'arei Bina, we believe in nurturing the artistic talents of our students and providing them with opportunities to shine. Our annual production not only showcases their skills but also fosters teamwork, creativity, and confidence, as they work together to bring their vision to life on stage.


Join us as we celebrate the magic of theater and the extraordinary talent of our students at Sha'arei Bina's annual production. It's a spectacle not to be missed, where every moment is filled with joy, passion, and the boundless potential of our young performers.

The Segulah
Production is the highlight of the year! Every girl in SBATG is involved with the production in some way. It brings all students together as we highlight each girls talent, whether behind the scenes or on the centre stage. Girls sell tickets and concessions, paint scenery, make costumes, solicit advertisements, publish the playbill and practice their roles. Our bond as a family is truly strengthened with each production!
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