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Head of School's Message

Sha’arei Bina is dedicated to the principle enunciated in Mishlei, ” חנוך לנער על פי דרכו” which means educate the child according to his or her individual aptitude and talents. We firmly believe that although a syllabus and curriculum must be covered, the methodology of reaching each student varies from individual to individual. Our goal is to create a classroom environment wherein the student not only learns to her full potential but develops a love for learning as well. Each teacher is encouraged to promote creative thinking, encourage discussion and debate, and thereby bolster the self-esteem of each student.

Our commitment to our students and their parents is to impart thorough knowledge and deep understanding of Torah, the ability to read, translate, and analyze its commentaries, and above all to appreciate and internalize its ethical teachings and timeless values. We expect our students to gain a better understanding of Halacha which will serve to enhance their halachic observance. The Hebrew Language program is taught as a “living language” as it is spoken in Israel in our present day. Wherever possible, throughout the Judaic studies program, Hebrew is used in order to promote a full comprehension of the texts being used. We expect our students to achieve excellence in general/secular studies, in all its varied disciplines within an intensive Torah atmosphere. Our full range of college preparatory courses includes the basic Florida State Requirements including AP courses, physical education, creative arts, and computer science.

We aspire to inculcate within our students a love for Eretz Yisrael and for Am Yisrael. It is our hope that at the culmination of High School our students will elect to pursue Torah study in Israel.

We believe in maintaining and improving teacher excellence through faculty in-service workshops and other forms of continuing education. We are committed to keeping up with the latest proven methods of educational methodology, including technological innovations.

It is our goal that our students will be fully prepared to succeed in higher education, in professional life, and in any future endeavors. Our students will be Bnot Torah in the fullest sense and through their conduct, appearance, and deportment will bring honor to their heritage, their school, their upbringing, and themselves. Secure in their appreciation of their self-worth and pride in being an integral member of an am kadosh, they will sanctify the name of Hashem wherever the future leads them.