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Graduation Requirements

  • Four years of Chumash
  • Four years of Nevi'im/Kesuvim
  • Four years of Halacha
  • Four years of Hashkafa
  • Two years of Beur Tefilla
  • Four years of Jewish Philosophy
  • Four years of Parsha
  • Two years of Jewish History
  • Two years of World Language (Hebrew)
  • Four years of English
  • Four years of Math
  • Three years of Science
  • Four years of History (including Economics/Government)
  • Four years of Physical Education
  • One year of Art
  • Advance Placement Electives: Psychology, Literature and Composition, Language, Biology, US History
  • Academic Electives: Speech, Current Events, Graphic Design, Financial Math, Art History
  • Senior Project
  • One online or computer technology course
Chesed Requirement: 30 hours per year
A Sha’arei Bina diploma is predicated on four years of our high school graduation requirements.