• Chessed

    Chessed: This is student run by Leah Michles and Rivka Rothenstein
    Meaningful opportunities to do cheesed are provided. Girls help families in the neighborhood, they sort clothing at the Closet, package fruit at Josh’s Organic market and then deliver to Chai Lifeline families, they run a homework club for Chai Lifeline patients and their siblings, and stock shelves at the Kosher Food Bank.

  • Mishmeres

    Mishmeres: This is student run by Leah Templeberg and Penina Rosenbaum
    The theme for this year is T.E.C.H. Torah, Emunah, Communiction, and Honesty. The girls learn various laws and read stories B’Chevruta and then are entered into a raffle. In addition, each girl receives a monthly newsletter and writes a reflection that is facilitated by their Language Arts teacher.