Chessed: This is student run by Esther Fromme, Esther Reich, and Dassi Roth
Meaningful opportunities to do cheesed are provided. Girls help families in the neighborhood, they sort clothing at the Closet, package food for Tomchei Shabbos, they run a homework club for Chai Lifeline patients and their siblings, and stock shelves at the Kosher Food Bank.  The theme for this year is  Kol Asher B’Kochacha Aseh –  Just Do It!


Mishmeres: This is student run by Debbie Nash and Shira Suissa
The theme this year is Olam Chessed Yibane – construction.


GO: Heads are Adi Nissenbuam, Yehudit Fink, Aliyah Fromme, Avigail Levine, and Arielle Tempelberg
The Theme this year is Al Shloshah Devarim Haolam Omed: Al Hatorah, Al Ha’Avodah, V’al Gemilut Chassadim.