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Anatomy and Physiology Teacher

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Ms. Sabina Joseph holds a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies from the University of Florida and Bachelor of Science from Nova Southeastern University. In addition to her studies at NSU, she conducted microbiological research and served as a laboratory assistant in the subjects of Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology. For her work, “A comparative study of microorganism populations from Storm Water Treatment Areas and select south Florida locations,” she received a travel award from Yale University to present at the Small World Initiative Symposium at ASMCUE in Austin, Texas. Ms. Joseph has used her research background to help guide Sha’arei Bina’s recent science laboratory upgrades and looks forward to engaging her students through hands-on experiments. With ten years of experience as a private tutor, this “seasoned” first-year teacher brings a wealth of knowledge to her students and looks forward to leading learning in the areas of Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, and Biology (including AP!).

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