Mrs. Rivkah Bodkins

Director of Student Life/Mechanechet

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Mrs. Rivkah Bodkins, our Director of Student Life and Mechanechet, nurtures the individual talents of our student body by creating and coordinating our chesed and extra-curricular programming as well as serving as the girls’ cherished advisor. Mrs. Bodkins is a certified teacher through Miami CAJE and the Azrieli Institute (Technology and Education). She is also a Certified Activities Director, and published a workbook for Shmuel Bet and Malachim Alef. She attended a CAJE trip to Israel and participated in the mentoring program through Miami-Federation. Mrs. Bodkins also serves as a faculty member, teaching a variety of Limudei Kodesh subjects including 6th grade Chumash and Navi, 7th grade Chumash, 8th grade Navi, 9th grade Chumash, 10th grade Ketuvim, 11th grade Hashkafa, and 12th grade Navi’im Acharonim. In addition to leading the 12th grade trip to Israel, she coordinates school shabbatonim, retreats, chagigas, simcha dancing, father-daughter learning, sports night, and fundraising activities for the 8th and 12th grade graduation trips. Mrs. Bodkins has merged her passion for education and working with seniors

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