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Judaic Studies Teacher
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Mrs. Judy Janowski has a Hebrew Teachers Diploma from the Teacher’s Institute of YU, and a BA in History and Education, and an MS in Curriculum Planning and Thinking Skills, both from Queens College. In addition, she completed Certificates to be a reading specialist, and a principal. She taught High School, both Limudei Kodesh (Chumash, Navi, Jewish History, Hashkafa),  and secular subjects (Literature, American History, Global History, Writing, Biology) for many years, and was a principal in two kiruv girls’ high schools for ten years. She taught Academic Writing at Touro College for five years where she created a  technique called “Skilled Writing” (which she has taught both to students in College and to writing teachers at seminars). Mrs. Janowski taught Kiruv Classes and Seminars to  adult women for over twenty years, ran a gemach (Yad Devora) from her home for beautiful sheva brachos and Shabbos clothing that Kallahs and their mothers could keep. and has edited writers’ work, and written articles for a women’s  magazine.

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