The Sha’arei Bina Torah Academy For Girls combines excellence in Jewish studies with a solid secular education that is accredited and compliant with the AISF (Association of Independent Schools), NCPSA (National Council for Private Schools Accreditation), and MSACESS (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions of Elementary and Secondary Schools). In the area of Limudei Kodesh, Sha’arei Bina is fully committed to providing a strong and friendly Jewish atmosphere. By hiring some of the best Jewish educators in the field, Sha’arei Bina is paving the way for those who desire a warm Jewish environment, which for many includes plans to attend Seminary. Currently, Sha’arei Bina accommodates grades six through twelve.

Sha’arei Bina’s approach empowers students to master independent, text-based studies in both Jewish and general studies. In addition to text-based learning, Sha’arei Bina students benefit from a myriad of hands-on curricular and co-curricular activities and an ideal student-to-teacher ratio. Our hand picked teachers and staff members are warm and caring individuals who nurture our students all the way to graduation. In addition to an excellent staff, Sha’arei Bina also attracts girls who to take initiatives, build relationships, and desire to increase their skill sets, as it relates to preparing and planning for their future lives.